Transcribe-By-Email Service

Your Nexiwave Transcribe Address is:

It's easy to enjoy Nexiwave's Voicemail to text service. Just forward your voicemails to your Nexiwave Transcribe Address via email. Our fully automated service will receive, transcribe and send you the transcript. You will receive your voicemail transcription in minutes. This can be done in a few ways:

  • With your phone provider: you can request your telephone service provider to send your voicemail messages to your Nexiwave Transcribe Address.
  • With your email client: if you receive voicemail audio via email already, such as magicJack, simply add a rule to your email client and forward them to the transcribe address.

Have your own users? Check our Sub Accounts feature.

Instructions for:

magicJACK (also works for ooma, netTalk, RingCentral, Line2, etc)

Outlook Unified Messaging

Let's try it

For a quick test, just send an email, with a voicemail audio file attached, to your own Personal Voicemail Transcriber. You will receive the transcript in your own email inbox in minutes.


Your Transcribe Address is typically available at : <your email replaced @ with _ > For example, if your email is, then your Voicemail Transcriber address is:


For enterprise level integration, check here: Voicemail-to-text Email Gateway Service.

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