Sponsor Your Own Users


  • You like Nexiwave Voicemail-to-text service
  • You believe Nexiwave can greatly save your employee's time as they don't have to listen to voicemails
  • You don't want to create a Nexiwave account for each employee's email address
  • You want one Nexiwave account to cover all Nexiwave related costs

You can easily enable Nexiwave Voicemail-to-text for your users with "Sub-Accounts" feature. Two simple steps are required:

Step 1: List the email addresses that you want to sponsor in "Sub-Accounts" page. Each email address will now have its corresponding Nexiwave transcriber email address
Step 2: Configure your phone provider/system to send user's voicemail emails to their corresponding Nexiwave transcriber addresses

Nexiwave will now receive and transcribe voicemail emails for your users.

Great For:

  • Small-medium businesses with less than 50 users
  • Call centers of all sizes


Suppose you have two employees with email addresses liz@mycompany.com and mike@mycomany.com.


Step 0: Log in and go to "Sub-Accounts" page:


Step 1: Add ans save any additional email addresses on the page:


Step 2: Configure your phone provider to deliver voicemail emails as following:

Done. Liz and Mike's voicemails will now be transcribed by Nexiwave.

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