Forward To Nexiwave via Exchange Server Side Rule


As an Exchange Administrator, you can create an Exchange Server Side Rule to automatically forward your users' voicemail emails to Nexiwave for Voicemail Transcription processing.

Note for Office365 users: Nexiwave suggest to use our direct Office365 integration.


  • Users' outlook/computer does not need to stay open all the time.
  • One time configuration for all your users.

Great For

  • All Microsoft Exchange versions


  • A Nexiwave account.
  • Enable "Auto-Enroll Sub-Accounts" in your Sub-Accounts page or manually enroll your users as "Sub-Accounts".


(Automatic forwarding is one of the most basic functions in Exchange and supported by ALL exchange versions. The screenshots below are captured using Exchange 2016. The exact steps are very similar/identical for all other versions of Exchange as well as Office 365/Exchange Online)

  1. Open Exchange admin center (ECP) and go to the mail flow section in the left pane. 
  2. Go to the rules tab and click the “+” icon. This opens a list of rules. Click Create a new rule.
  3. In the new rule window, configure your rule settings. Name the rule, then go to the Apply this rule if… section and click The sender is….
    Exchange Create Rule Select a sender
  4. Choose your voicemail server's email address that you want to set up the rule for. Highlight it on the list and click the add-> button. If your voicemail server's email address is not in the list, type it in the textbox after "check names" and click "check names". Then click OK.
  5. Click More options… at the bottom. This unlocks more actions in the Do the following… menu.
  6. In the Do the following section, pick Redirect the message to action.
  7. In the following window, choose "" as recipient:
  8. (The rule basically says: redirect voicemail emails sent by my voicemail server to Nexiwave first)
  9. Confirm your selection with the OK button. Then, click Save to finish the rule configuration.
That’s it – your users' voicemail emails will now be sent to Nexiwave for transcription first. Nexiwave will transcribe and send a transcribed version email (including both the transcript and audio) back to your user.


  • don't forget to list your users in your Nexiwave Sub-Accounts section or enable "Auto-Enroll" in your Sub-Accounts page, otherwise their voicemail emails to Nexiwave will be ignored.
  • ensure your exchange installation has transport rule that allows outbound delivery and inbound receive from Nexiwave.

Q & A

  • Do I still need to change each user's voicemail email address to the Nexiwave custom email address?
    No. When the email is sent to "", our system is smart enough to check other recipients in the email headers and find their corresponding Nexiwave account.
  • Does Nexiwave transcription email contain both the transcript and audio?
    Yes, the Nexiwave copy always contains: the transcript, audio attachment and the original email text (included below the transcript). All information is carried over.
  • Other than redirect, can I also choose to just BCC to Nexiwave?
    Yes, of course. In step 6 above, just choose "Add recipients" and BCC to "". One issue is that your users will receive two voicemail emails of the same voicemail: one from your voicemail server and one transcribed copy from Nexiwave. The choice is yours.


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