Voicemail-to-text SMTP Relay Service

(This is part of Nexiwave Enterprise service. Contact us for setup.)

Already have Voicemail to Email feature? If so, Nexiwave’s Voicemail-to-text SMTP Relay service is the perfect fit for you. It is the simplest way to add Voicemail Transcription feature to your offering. All you need to do is to set Nexiwave as the email relay in your voicemail system. As Nexiwave relays emails, voicemails are transcribed, and the transcripts, together with the voicemail audio, are attached and sent to the end users. Our service is a transparent Email Relay service and conforms 100% to the SMTP standard. It is guaranteed to work with your Voicemail-to-Email system.



•        Simple: Straightforward, easy to follow implementation.
•        Quick to Market: With our one-step configuration, our system will be working for you within minutes.
•        Proven Scalability: The Nexiwave Voicemail-to-Text SMTP Relay Service has been used for tens of thousands of mailboxes, and has been proven to be efficient and easy to manage.

Guaranteed Profit Margin

We understand your users like their plans unlimited.  Our enterprise pricing is therefore based on the number of subscribed users you have with us, identified by their email addresses. Each subscribed user receives virtually unlimited processing each month. Since our pricing is based on number of subscribed users, your profit margin is guaranteed.

Easy User Management

Simplify your life with Nexiwave’s “Sub-Accounts” feature. Its our approach to manage your subscribed users, giving you less of a hassle, not to mention giving you quick and easy access to them using Nexiwave’s web portal.

This works great for any big subscribe/unsubscribe events, whether it happens often or once a year. For these sort of tricky situations, Nexiwave recommends you to completely automate the entire process. This can be achieved by combining your usual subscription with Nexiwave’s “Sub Accounts API”.

Free Eval

This is for the users who are not in your “Sub-Accounts” list. (eg: The users who haven’t signed up to the Voicemail Transcription feature yet). For them, Nexiwave instantly offers our “Free Eval” feature, giving them up to three free voicemail transcriptions per day, with the option to visit your website and sign up for a paid plan.

100% White Label

Outgoing voicemail transcription emails can be fully customized with your brand. The list of features below are able to be tweaked to your desire:

•        From Address: Outgoing emails will use your From address.
•        Subject Line: Outgoing emails will use your subject line (exactly as how Nexiwave receives).
•        Logo and Tagline: Outgoing emails will use your logo and link to your landing page.

Hosted Billing (Optional)

Nexiwave’s hosted billing solution is just the perfect choice for SMBs who don’t have an existing user subscription and billing solution. The entire task of user enrolment and billing can be quite the challenge, so Nexiwave has an automatic user enrolment with a billing system already placed inside. Our typical turnkey billing solution has:


How It Works

After Nexiwave has opened and configured your Nexiwave account, a couple of steps are required on your end:
•        Configure SMTP Relay setting: simply configure Nexiwave Voicemail-to-text SMTP Relay service as your voicemail system's SMTP Relay (or called smarthost in some systems). Configuration Guide
•        Maintain your Sub-Account List: as your users start to sign up your voicemail transcription feature via your portal, you simply need to add (or remove) their email addresses to your Sub-Account list.

Email Flow Overflow

Below is an overview of how emails will flow from your system, to Nexiwave and delivered to end users. Click on each box for details.
Email Flow - Nexiwave

Nexiwave Email Flow

Email reaches Nexiwave
Email received, Nexiwave processing starts.
Voicemail System Relays Voicemail Emails
Your voicemail system should be configured to relay emails using Nexiwave SMTP Relay service.
Send un-transcribed voicemail email

If the recipient has reached the threshold for its account type, an voicemail email, with only the voicemail audio attached, will be sent to the end user. The voicemail transcription field will instead contain a message of threshold reached, etc.

Sample Email for Daily Free Eval Threshold reached
Sample Email for Monthly Threshold reached

  • Email received. Is there audio attachment?
    Upon receiving, Nexiwave checks if there is audio attachment in the email.
    • No? Relay exactly as it is.

      If there is no audio attachment, this email will be relayed exactly as it is. Nexiwave will act just like any other internet email relay server.

      This is also the end of processing of this email by Nexiwave.

    • Yes? Is the recipient email address in Sub-Accounts list?

      If there is audio attachment, Nexiwave next checks if the recipient's email address is in your Sub-Account list.

      The Sub-Account list maintains the list of paying users. These users will receive a virtually unlimited voicemail transcription processing each month. You can manage the Sub-Account list in the "Sub-Accounts" page after logging into your Nexiwave account.

      • Yes? Has the recipient reached the monthly message processing threshold?

        To prevent abuse, each Sub-Account is still limited to the number of voicemail transcription each month. This limit is very high and should be very unlikely to reach.

        • Yes? Send un-transcribed voicemail email, with warning of monthly threshold reached.

          If the sub-account has reached the monthly usage threshold (which should be very unlikely), no voicemail transcription will be performed. Instead, a voicemail email will be sent to the user with just the audio attachment.

          Sample Email

        • No? Transcribe, send voicemail transcription email.

          This is the happy path. Nexiwave will transcribe the voicemail audio, construct a Voicemail transcription email, attach the original audio and send it to the end user.

          Sample Email

      • No? Has the recipient reached the daily free eval threshold?

        If the recipient's email address is not in your Sub-Account list, this recipient will be treated as a free eval user. Free eval users will receive up to three free voicemail transcription per day. This checks if the user has reached the free eval daily limit.

        • Yes? Send un-transcribed voicemail email, with warning of daily threshold reached.

          If the recipient's email address has reached the daily usage limit for Free Eval user, no voicemail transcription will be performed. Instead, a voicemail email will be sent to the user with just the audio attachment.

          Sample Email

        • No? Transcribe, and send voicemail email.

          Free eval will be offered to this email address, with up to three free voicemail transcription per day. The voicemail audio will be transcribed by Nexiwave. A new email will be constructed using hosted email template to include the Voicemail transcription. This email, with the original voicemail audio attached, will be sent to the end user.

          Sample Email


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