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Simple, Fully Automated Voicemail to Text Service

Imagine the time saving if you can find out who called and what was said, with a simple glance, even while sitting in a meeting or travelling.

Nexiwave offers the simplest and fully automated Voicemail to text service!

voicemail, transcribed, read, text It takes much longer to listen to a message than read it. And voicemail is usually outside of our typical workflow, making it hard to forward or reply to easily.

-Tech Crunch

Voicemail from (555) 202-1234

Hi Eric, this is Amanda. We are interested in adding your voicemail to text service for our users.
When you get a chance, please give me a call at (555) 202-1234. Thanks.

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Why Nexiwave?

Unlike other speech technology providers, Nexiwave has dedicated focus on Voicemail Transcription: our core system is hand tuned for Voicemail processing. To our users, this means: 80+% overall transcription accuracy and for callback numbers left in voicemails, arguably the most important information in any voicemails, we achieve nearly 99% accuracy. Our users can process their voicemail by a simple glance of the transcription.

The result: Significant Time Savings for You.


Trusted by 10,000+ companies!

Adding Nexiwave Voicemail Transcription service signficantly saved our realtors' time!
Jonathan Guyton, Founder, Remax EZ Search

Nexiwave service is a god-send for our call center team. Voicemails are transcribed and entered into our ticket and CRM system automatically.
Jessica Palmer

Our law firm recently added Nexiwave Voicemail Transcription service and everything has been working great. The staff is very helpful, responsive and easy to work with. Adding the service was super easy. Would recommend.
Nick Cumins

How to use


Nexiwave service works with ALL major business telephony systems: AllWorx, Mitel NuPoint, Shoretel, Avaya IP Office, Cisco UnityFuze Voice, Asterisk, FreePBXFusionPBX and many more. No coding required!

> Individual Users Already Receive Voicemail as Emails?
Use our free Transcribe-By-Email service. Simply send your voicemail emails to your Nexiwave forwarder address. Our fully automatic service will receive, transcribe and send the transcript (and audio) to your email in minutes. It's really that simple.

> Want to offer Voicemail-to-text to your own users?
Use our Transcribe-By-Email with Sub-Accounts feature. No coding required!

> Enterprises offering Voicemail-to-Email service?
Simply configure your voicemail system to relay emails via Nexiwave enterprise-grade Voicemail-to-text SMTP Relay Service.

> Microsoft 365 Users?
Add Voicemail Transcription to your Microsoft 365 Organization in just two clicks and zero ongoing maintenance task.

> Medical Clinics / Practioners?
Ask us about Nexiwave Medical Edition.

(See even more ways to use Nexiwave)



Sub Accounts
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May Delay *
$60 / mailbox / year
< 1 min**
Power Users
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< 1 min**
> 100 Hours / Month

*: Fair use policy applies.
**: For voicemails 20 seconds or less.

Target Users

Our Voicemail to text service is designed for

  • VoIP Companies (contact us for resell pricing/agreement)
  • Customer Service Teams
  • Business Phone Users
  • Medical Clinics / Practioners
  • Support / Call Centers


January 12, 2024: Nexiwave #1 for Voicemail Transcription service, report finds.    more...

July 20, 2022: Recent Google Security Updates.    more...
April 20, 2022: Nexiwave Medical Edition.    more...

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  • What can I do to improve accuracy?
    The followings can normally signficantly improve transcript accuracy:
    • Speak slowly and clearly: In voicemail greetings, ask the caller to "please leave your message slowly and clearly".
    • No MP3: Try avoid using MP3 when sending voicemail Nexiwave. MP3 is a heavy compression codec. Even though may not be noticable to human ears, the audio fidelty loss can cause signficant trouble to machine transcription speech engine. Ask your phone adminsitrator to use PCM audio instead.
  • When we test by reading a book or just by chatting with each other, the transcript is not as good as testing with real voicemails. Is this expected?
    Nexiwave Voicemail-to-text engine is highly tuned to voicemail-like speaking behaviours and facts (for example, there should be just one speaker in the audio). It is not expected to handle non-voicemail type audio well. Your test should be done with real world voicemail audio.
  • How should I test the service?
    For every service release, Nexiwave performs intensive in-house tests, with tens of hundreds real voicemail messages from across North America. Nexiwave suggests you to test with at least five real world voicemail messages, which will give you a general idea of the quality of our service.
  • What level of accuracy should I expect?
    We all hate listening to voicemails. The goal of our service is not 100% accurate text. Our goal is to enable users to get the main idea by reading the voicemail in text, and perform next step accordingly. To achieve this goal, Nexiwave Voicemail to text produces the accurate machine transcript results for voicemail messages. You should expect over 85% accuracy overall. Callback numbers are unarguably the most important information in voicemails. Our engine recognizes phone numbers at over 99% accuracy. Backed by these two accuracy numbers, our survey has shown that our service has consistently enabled our users to reach the goal of our service.
  • Most of our voicemails are short and less than 30 seconds. How does the billing work?
    We offer virtually unlimited transcription plan on per mailbox basis. The billing is mostly based on the number of mailboxes in your account.
  • What audio formats and languages are supported?
    Nearly all audio formats are supported. US/Canada English is the supported language at this point.
    Please note: even though MP3 codec is supported, for better accuracy, you should seriously consider asking your phone admin to use PCM audio instead.
  • I don't want anyone to listen to my voicemails. Is there any human involved in any of the transcription process?
    No human is involved in any of the transcription process. Nexiwave uses the most advanced speech technology to convert your audio to text. Your privacy is 100% guaranteed.
  • Are my voicemails stored on Nexiwave?
    Nexiwave does NOT store any of your voicemails or its transcript. See "Single Delivery" policy: upon the success delivery of the transcript via email or SMS message, any content related data is purged from Nexiwave system.
  • Is Nexiwave HIPAA Compliant?
    Yes, we are. Read more here.


Started in 2008, Nexiwave believes voice communication, the most natural way of communication, is greatly under used in the text dominated IT industry. Nexiwave focuses on speech technology developments and applications. Nexiwave released its first general domain speech recognition service in 2009. In 2010, Nexiwave released its first Voicemail to text / Voicemail Transcription service. Today, Nexiwave's technology is improving the productivity of millions of users in the US, Canada and worldwide.

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